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Fahrenheit 451
Book cover for Ray Bradbury´s "fahrenheit 451"
Multibrand Strategy Brandbook
Brandbook for Casio
Volkswagen Driving Experience
Volkswagen Driving Experience proposal campaign. For Minerva agency
Seat Leon Eurocup. Let´s Race.
Seat León Eurocup Campaign.
Book to promote an international encounter about criminal and hard boiled novel in barcelona. You need a magnifiying glass attached to the book for read the texts.
Rafa Nadal Sports Experience Center
Finalist proposal for Rafa Nadal Sport Experience Center in Mallorca.
Victorio & Lucchino
hombre. Fragance for Victorio & Lucchino
Casio watch shop branding.
Districte de Sants
graphic line for council of Barcelona for different kind of activities
At the beach
New Wave festival, Trash´d. From Trash Cannes team.
Mundial de Ponferrada. Patrocinio Banco Santander.
Sponsorship of Banco Santader for the "Mundial de ciclismo de Ponferrada 2014".
Esplugues entra en escena
Jordi Benito
Memomrial book about Jordi Benito. Artist from Barcelona. This book is for show the pieces of art that the artist "give" to some bars, restaurants and pubs.
Biblioteques de Barcelona
Covers for different kind of cultural activities on the Lybraries of Barcelona
F1 Santander Metro Desktop app.
Interactive desktop app. based on Metro Os.
Press illustration about medication and happiness
The Google effect
Seminci. Patrocinio Banco Santander
Sponsorship from Banco Santander
israel palestine
9 minutos juntos
Still photo for Mireia´s Juarez short film "9 minutos juntos". with Julián López and María Rodríguez.
A vueltas con Mondrian
Press illustration about Piet Mondrian
Pegaso Eyewear
Product photography & brochure material
Köln International School of Design
Press illustration for spanish guitarrist Paco de Lucia that pass away today
Itineraris Literaris
Stuff for cultural walks in barcelona
Je suis Charlie Hebdo
From Albion to Shangri-la. Peter Doherty journals
Book cover for the "unexpurgated personal journals and tour diaries documenting the turbulent life and misadventures of Peter Doherty, transcribed and edited by Nina Antonia" for Thin Man Press.
you are here
Press illustration about personality
Catalan Films
General catalogue for all catalan productions in 2013 and Dvd for Shortcat'14.
The rise and fall of The Clash
Danny´s Garcia book "The rise and fall of The Clash"
In Memoriam. Tito Vilanova. 1968-2014
Press illustration about fc barcelona´s coach tito vilanova pass away
Antoni Ramallets
Press illustration about the pass away of the goal kepper Antoni Ramallets
Press illustration about the semifinal match of the world cup between Brasil-Germany
La Justicia
Press illustration about justice
R.I.P Paco de Lucia
Press illustration for spanish guitarrist Paco de Lucia that pass away today
Guarding Bin Laden
Book cover for Nasser Al-Bahri´s "Guarding Bin Laden. My life in Al-qaeda"
Corporate Identity for Transmissions festival, a music and cinema festival in madrid. The second edition in 2013, was focused in the NYC band, The Ramones.
Deutschland philosophisch F.C.
Press illustration about german philosophy and team work
Bored of banksy
Press illustration about Banksy
Mariano Rajoy
Press illustration about the public management of Mariano Rajoy's government
laß ƒoto
The hound of the Baskervilles
Instant Thoughts
Exilim xtrm
Casio Exilim iPhone vinyl
Paper & Scissor
Absolut Toughness
Pipe smoking
work & fun
Bustamante. Mio
México y España
Kind of blue
Almeria Western Film Festival
Exilim Traveller
Aventura de llegir
aphorismes illustres
Editorial Photo
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